exterior frame of house

This is the House that Jack Built!

From Marr Construction’s success with a complete home renovation last year, a new project was started in Frederick County, MD last fall. Marr purchased land and began a new custom build! Flash forward several months and ‘The House that Jack Built’ is nearly finished! This project has been both exhilarating and challenging.  We’d like to share our construction journey with you.

We’ve included many photos from the pastoral property views to framing to the details we’re putting into the living spaces. Our crews and master technicians are working on some new home features that Marr has been incorporating into recent renovations and additions. A few highlights include open design concepts in floor space, tall first floor ceilings, increased energy efficiency in thermostats, appliances, etc., low-emissions windows and laundry rooms, walk-in closets and pantries, to name a few! Tile and carpentry craftsmanship is outstanding!

A custom built home requires more work than a renovation but it can be the best way to obtain the home of your dreams. If you are thinking about a custom build, do your research. You’ll need to answer fundamental questions including:

  • what would your ideal home look like: styles, features, floor plan, size, etc., lifestyle considerations
  • where you want to live
  • what is your budget for both property and home construction

From there you will need to assemble the right team. We’ve got 30+ years of experience and are happy to be your partner! Want to know more? Please get in touch!

In the coming weeks look for an another update on ‘The House that Jack Built’!